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About Us


We are a, family-run engineering company since 1973, the kind you would find all over great Britain in the 60's & 70's, Manual lathes, Manual Mills, But we have bought it into the 20thCentry With a CNC LATHE with amazing capabilities ensuring consistency and carry out large batch orders, still happy to do one-offs. The Manual Machines are all digital dro, using the most up to date measuring and test equipment on the market today.

Due to the way we work we are still able to offer a personal one to one service. as all of our work is handmade in-house, we don’t outsource at all.

We have been supplying BOC/LINDE with Leak Detector's & Flow regulators for their Medical Oxygen now for many years to different corners of the globe, The medical leak detectors and flow regulators that check the flow on the valve is supplying the patient with the correct SLPM, then the leak detectors are what it says on the tin, check that the fill port, mainly is not leaking after a refill, high-pressure outlets, and fire tree, this is a unique design that was developed here at Bicknell Engineering 'BICKNELL BUBBLER' it will detect a leak almost immediately and is 100% proof, and 100% regulated to British standards. There is no liquid sprayed around the valve which is how the valves have been checked in the past, and the spray fluid can cause condensation on the inside of the Valve dependant on temperature which isn't ideal, to say the least. The Bicknell Bubbler is completely dry no external liquid.

The finished job has no room for error working to measurements of 0.01mm with no tolerance, so our quality is up there with best of them, again designed and developed here at Bicknell.

The BUBBLER needs No batteries, no digital device to go wrong no ( I forgot to charge it ) No drop it on the floor and something digital breaks, Yes we are in a digital Era and very advanced but not always necessary, in this case, we feel that less is more, Nothing can go wrong productivity improves as there are no hold-ups unless there is a drought!! all you need is WATER and it will work in all-weather freezing cold to 100 degrees the reading will always be consistent. Bulletproof and 99.99999% accurate. The Bicknell Bubbler is the way forward for testing for leaks on Cylinder Valves.

Working with prestige Companies like BOC/LINDE/PRAXAIR/PANGAS/AGA, Working to extremely hide standards very tight deadlines, and no room for Error. Not only do the parts have to meet our standards, there are specific cleaning protocols to be adhered to, due to the nature of the parts being used in the medical industry, there can’t be any faults or corners cut, this is what makes us the company we are today that is full proof, Reliable, can adjust our working protocols for specific jobs, and are happy to invest in the right tooling for a particular job.

We are large enough to cope but small enough to care.

Bicknell Engineering offers the same level of service and standard whether we are making a single bespoke unit for an individual one off part, or 100’s of units for a global company. You can see in our works how consistent we are and the quality of the parts.

We are also happy to take on other Turning work due to the new XYZ CT65 LATHE SHOP-TURN we can use drawing provided that are DXF file or create and write a program for your part, Milling work can be done but we are manual Digital with power feed its amazing what these machines can do but not being CNC time consuming which is why we target the TURNING WORK. If you need something turned get in touch always got downtime of the machine as it turns the parts out so fast, when it comes to turning XYZ CT65 is one of the best on the market.

Here is our newly developed BTB Blue top bubbler that will detect a leak on a combilite Medical oxygen bottle head as small as 0.90 SCCM ( Standard Cubic Centimetres Min ) In around 30 seconds, this is designed to check the Filling port, Fir tree Flow Outlet & Pressure outlet with quick connect, the tool has interchangeable connectors and will be adaptable to various different cylinder heads.

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